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Xi’an Aspires To Be The Greenest City In China

The Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE) is considered the most glorious period in Chinese history. With its Capital of Chang’an present day Xi’an, China became the most prosperous country in the world and Chang’an (Xi’an) the most important city in the world. The Glorious Period was ushered by Emperor Taizong Li Shimin wise governing, the economy flourished, China opened up to foreign trade and influence, politics, military strength art and culture reached an advance level.

Today Xi’an is trying to revive the glory days by developing a vibrant center of industry, commerce, tourism and learning institutions. Built around the historical city core, on a vast plane, the city high-rise buildings rise above the horizon like an endless concrete forest. At the macro scale the city arterial streets are elegant boulevards, lined with trees and dotted with many parks. Xi’an aspires to be the Greenest city in China.