Truck Yard

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Baldinger Architectural Studio is designing a new concept call “The Truck Yard”. The Truck Yard is a family oriented, food based, entertainment venue to operate year round in the Phoenix metro area.

The proposal calls for an outdoor “dining room” under the dense canopy of a tree grove. Food is served by ten food trucks parked in designated stalls with utilities hook ups. In addition to the park-like setting, it features an indoor bar, stage, amphitheater for viewing food centered events, kids and adults play areas and beverage stations.

The transient nature of this project makes it fitting to use shipping containers as building components. The use of shipping containers is being proposed throughout the park.

Hoffman Residence addition/remodel

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The “Hoffman Residence addition and remodel” presented us with an opportunity to revisit a project some twenty years after we completed the original house. Due to an empty nest, the house needed a program update. The design emphasis shifted to entertainment and family gatherings. Bedrooms were replaced with a multi-purpose entertainment room, a two thousand bottle wine cellar and a new master suit. The design theme is one of refined modernism with rich materials and clean detailing.

Rike Residence

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The “Rike Residence” is a collaboration between Baldinger Architectural Studio and Jim Rike, a contractor, with whom we have had a long and successful professional relationships.

The house is a cubist raw structure of Concrete, Steel and Glass, designed as laboratory and a container for an uninhibited living and entertaining environment.

The house flows spatially, horizontally and vertically, interconnecting the various activity centers as well as the outdoor spaces.

The end result is a masculine composition of exposed steel, concrete, wood, mechanical and electrical equipment executed in a monochromatic palate of material to serve as a back drop to a rich and eclectic art and furniture collection.

Sanchez Residence

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The “Sanchez Residence” is in the final stages of design.

The house is located in the Phoenix Arcadia area and replaces an older structure that has occupied the lot since the 1950’s

Designed for a young professional couple, and intended to accommodate their future needs as the family grows.

The house is centered on and takes advantage of a north facing courtyard, creating a total living environment with an expansive living space to controls view and privacy.

Other notable features are cantilevered roof, clear story windows, minimalist palate of materials and details.

Pulaski Residence

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The “Pulaski Residence”, a “Mid –Century” inspired home, is in its final stages of construction.

The house is located in the Phoenix Arcadia area and replaces an older structure that has occupied the lot since the 1950’s.

The house notable features are; a large open living space, a seemingly floating cantilevered roof that shades a generous patio, and clearstory windows that naturally illuminated the entire house, and a minimalist palate of materials and details.